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The requirements for reimbursement vary per country and healthcare organisation. The purchase of the Reducept Method is not automatically reimbursed by the insurer. Check here the claim options for E-health in the Netherlands. 

By innovating you distinguish yourself from others and you can recoup your costs or even generate more income. This can be done in the following ways:


  1. Referrals: every practice that uses the Reducept Method can be found on our website, both patients and referrers can find the practices there.
  2. As a practitioner you can distinguish yourself by innovation and expansion of treatment options for chronic pain.
  3. The Reducept Method can be applied in the practice and through remote care at home.
  4. Efficient treatment and reduction of the necessary treatment time (possibly with a fixed rate).
  5. Offering treatment in groups.
  6. Patients can start working with the Reducept Method at home.

Internationally, various subsidies are available for the implementation of technology in the healthcare sector. If you are interested in applying for subsidies to purchase the Reducept Method, please contact us to advise on the possibilities that are relevant for you.

Get started with our manuals for professionals

The manuals will guide you through all elements of the Reducept Method, including:

  • How to set up the dashboard environment
  • Managing patients and devices

Download the Dashboard manual
Download the Mobile App manual
Download the PICO VR manual
Download the Oculus Go manual


reducept manuals

Treatment protocol for the Reducept Method

Learn how to integrate the Reducept Method in your treatment using our protocol for pain professionals. This protocol will learn you how to guide your patients in training with the Reducept Method. 

Download the treatment protocol
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What do you get as a professional with the Reducept Method?

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