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Boost your treatment with the Reducept Method

The Reducept Method offers professionals an extra tool to treat chronic pain. The training app integrates guidelines for pain education and pain management, which makes it your must-have tool to treat chronic pain.

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Who it is for

Over 200 chronic pain treatment specialists in the Netherlands have discovered the benefits of integrating the Reducept Method into their practice. 

From physiotherapists to anesthesiologists, Reducept brings equal value to all providers by supercharging their pain expertise and expanding their toolkit with a nondrug non-invasive digital therapy.
The Reducept Method can be provided by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, anesthesiologists, nurses and nurse practitioners, pain consultants and psychologists.

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Used by professionals from leading clinics

“We use the Reducept Method as an additional treatment to make pain manageable. Patients are very enthusiastic about the app, some experience significant pain relief.”

Dr. Kallewaard

Kallewaard Professional

“Reducept gives patients control over their own pain”


Patient met VR bril

“We tested the VR headset on 40 people, all of whom experienced a reduction in pain symptoms. The treatment offers hope for patients whilst saving money at the same time.”

Prof. Dr. H. Van Goor

Harry van Goor
  • 250+Professionals use the Reducept Method
  • 8,7Usability score
  • 5Minutes setup time per patient

Start with the Reducept Method as a practitioner

  • Start with evidence-based pain education
  • Provide online training for your patients 
  • Monitor patients progress 
  • Manage patients in your dashboard
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